Reza is a British born rapper from Croydon. He has consistently been writing and producing music for himself and other artists' for the last 18 years.

His real exposure into the music industry came in 2004 when himself and award winning producer Dj Compass went to New York and Texas to creat a mixtape called "CLAP BACK" which featured some of the hottest talent at the time. That mixtape put reza on a pedastol not just in the UK but America aswell.

The next project Reza released was in 2008 which was the hit single "SEXY GIRL", produced by So Solid producer Stickman. Reza gained considerable success after this song and the video was played on various music channels and radio stations.

Throughout the years reza has stayed consistent and put out various mixtapes and collaborated with various artists experimenting with various genres and sounds.

In 2014 reza was invited to Rwanda and performed alongside Reggae - Dancehall artist Konshens which was his first performance on the African continent which was received very well. This then enabled him to meet hit producer Puff G. where they teamed up to create Reza Frost afro beat album with the first song that was released called "BANG BANG BOOGIE". That single was aired on various radio stations including BBC radio and the video was aired on various platforms once again gaining recognition for his versatility.

I'm 2018 Reza teamed up with Ifá Sáyo on a single entitled "BLACK SANDS" to raise awareness about Domestic Violence that has received a lot of attention from the Croydon Advertiser and the Internet.